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90 Day Plan

#1:  Become a Certified TLS Consultant
      *** Order Tanita Scale ASAP
      *** Order the TLS study reprints from Pam
      *** Order Business Cards
      *** Order TLS menu plan variety pack

#2:  Become a Certified Nutrametrix Consultant

#3:  Host 10 TLS overviews or home events
      *** Approach as many people necessary to             achieve this goal
      ***Prepare info folders with menu plans,              Customer tracking sheet, copy of study
      *** Print TLS presentation

#4:  Call on 10 Doctor's offices within the 1st 30              days using the scripts used at the training

#5:  Charge $500 per TLS client
        Included is 4-6 personal visits
        6-8 phone consults
        TLS Quick Start Kit $119

#6:  Call on Doctor's offices until you find 1 or 2 that        are willing to either refer patients or have you        see clients in their office once or twice a week.

Session 1- review the fast start program to be done the 1st week or 2, provide menu plans, set goal, weigh, measure, take picture, answer questions and follow-up appointment.  Discuss prepared meals and shake options.

Session 2- Answer questions, ask client how it went, review the TLS concept, their goal and address questions or concerns.  Measure and weigh to see how they did.  Offer tips on shopping, cooking, etc.  Discuss prepared meals and shake options.

Session 3 - 6:  Repeat every 2-3 weeks as needed to track progress and support success.  When no meeting in person, a weekly call should be made to support client.

Week 3: Vitamin and CORE re-order
             Make an effort to switch client to daily              essential packets
             Possibly suggest one or two additional              supplements if it would benefit the client's              success.  eg. TC AMP, TLS Green Coffee              with garcinia cambogia.

Week 6: Host a Wellness 101/Natural Health to              educate clients on natural health and our              many outstanding supplements.'

**Submit accountability weekly as to your progress and attend occasional team conference calls.